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wildirishheartKeelin O’Brien has always been different and she’s mastered hiding her idiosyncrasies, but when she discovers a mysterious book, believed to be her Irish grandmother’s, she travels from Boston to the Emerald Isle in hopes of unraveling the enigma.

While exploring the small Irish village where her grandmother lives, she makes new friends and meets a witty, snarky Irishman named Flynn who always seems to bump into her during the most inopportune times.

Sparks fly. Tempers flare. But Flynn winds his way into her heart, and she into his. Just as things are heating up, Keelin weighs how much of her uniqueness she wants to reveal to this intoxicating man because her stay in Ireland is temporary; revealing too much may ruin everything.

This romantic tale is exactly what I hope for when I choose a new series to read. There’s Ireland, a sexy, brooding Irishman, a smart, but quirky protagonist, and an interesting plot for the characters all to meander through. I found the story interesting and full of wonderful chemistry, offering the perfect balance between the main characters’ story and the minor characters. Oftentimes, authors spend nearly as much time on minor characters as they do the main ones, and in a romance, when I so want to see the two main ones get together, I hate wading through chapter after chapter of backstory, subplots, or fluffy dialogue that seems to be nothing but filler. That’s not to say there aren’t chapters showing Keelin’s developing friendships and familial relationships, but they don’t smother the main storyline, they enhance it.

The bedroom scene, when it finally happens,  is sensual, but the novel isn’t rampant with sexual escapades, but I would have liked a few more romps in the hay, if you get my drift? That aside, Flynn and Keelin do make sparks fly and the sexual tension between them is wonderful.

Wild Irish Heart is a fast read where the characters suck you into their world making you believe their lives and their circumstances all set in a beautifully described village in southern Ireland. So, if this sounds like an intriguing read, pick up your e-copy for FREE on AMAZON.

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