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I’ve been searching for my image of Nikolaus Schild and thus far have come up empty handed. In my trilogy, Vampires of the Chesapeake, Nik is the eldest of the three immortals: Kian MacTiernan, Rees Morgan, and Nikolaus Schild. He’s also the cockiest, most creative, rebellious, and chivalrous of the three. When I first envisioned him, I immediately saw the concert violinist, David Garrett; a young, charismatic, talented musician. But finding David’s doppelganger proved difficult and challenging.

Here’s the Gold Standard by which I measured my future image for Nikolaus Schild:

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In order to take his place on the final cover in the trilogy and be considered as Nik, the model had to look arrogant, rebellious without being tattooed from head to toe, and these days, that’s difficult to find. I wanted him to have a slightly Nordic appearance and look rugged, not baby-faced. After all, Nik is 1400 years old, he’s seen battle, reigned as a prince over Frankish territories, and survived the psychedelic sixties and seventies! He doesn’t apologize for being a vampire, relishes it, in fact, and tends to say what’s on his mind.

So, here is my newest image for my Nikolaus Schild:


What do you think? Is he Nik?