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trianglecraftLast night at around 8:40pm my son and I drove home from his practice heading south. We were stopped at a traffic light and in my peripheral vision, I saw these flashing red and green lights coming toward my car. Startled, I looked left and up.

There was a triangle-shaped aircraft flying over my car from east to west. I couldn’t hear it and that bothered me so we both put down our car windows. We still couldn’t hear it and the traffic light turned green so I had to drive. As I continued south, this plane proceeded southwest and then trees blocked my view, but before that we saw the shape. It looked a lot like the photo above, but I have no idea if it had a point on its nose as it was too dark.

Now, I live near a military base and hear fighter jets fly over my  house nearly every day and surely at least once a week. So, I realize jets make noise, in fact, the noise they make usually shakes my windows. But this thing did not make noise, not obvious rumbles or usual jet noise. If it hummed, it was quieter than my engine and I couldn’t hear it over my own car engine. This thing glided over top of us at a slower than expected speed. I’m not saying it hovered but it did not zoom over us like jets do.

I wish I’d have pulled over and taken a photo, but at the time I was so startled I didn’t think to. It also was lost behind the treeline and I didn’t see it again until I was turning east into my community. At that time, it was much further south and crossing back east over the two-lane road and toward the base.

The base where I live does test new military craft. We’ve seen the new Joint Strike Fighter a few times flanked by two jets, but this was not the joint strike fighter. The JSF has never flown that low and soundless. Plus, it isn’t shaped like a triangle with a piece cut out of the tail.

I decided to post it here in hopes there are some aircraft enthusiasts out there who know what this might be. It wasn’t a UFO – not with red and green lights blinking on and off. It looked like a military craft, to me. But I’ve never seen one like it other than the Stealth; however, my husband said the Stealth technology is for radar silence not auditory silence and I recall that the Stealth has a tail and defined wings.