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Five Star Review of Vampires of the Chesapeake: Kian MacTiernan

5heartsVOTC kian cover ebook

I’ve had this book in my kindle for a long time, at least over six months. I finally got around to reading it and I was blown away! The romance was good, the sex was great, but what I really loved was how vampirism is explained. Terrific.

So here it goes. We have Darcy. I never cared for that name, but it means dark. I didn’t know that, so suddenly Darcy seems cooler by far. She is married and loves her life, up until her husband turns out to be a cheating piece of animal dung! Then she’s divorced and hating her life, but pushing on like a trooper because you got to keep on keeping on, you know?

Then we have Kian. Hot and loyal Irish family man…up until the very lucrative American slave trade busts upon his town, then he’s a very lonely hard working American slave. A chance encounter with a vamp and now we have hot brooding Kian, a lonely vampire in modern times.

Darcy needs a job, he needs an assistant, she applies, shows up to the interview and boom, instant connection. Not a fan of insta-love, but it helps that she looks a lot like his dead wife from back in his human days. And it’s not really love at first sight, but lust that turns into something more…

Telling you any more would spoil the show, but suffice to say there is much tension, some very real relationship business and some action as well. Very good read.