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My mother was an English teacher, so growing up we had all kinds of grammar rules and sayings told to us. Turkeys get done. People get finished. I before e except after c. Needless to say, I have a lot of these cute phrases floating around in my head. One rule that didn’t have a saying, but was drilled into my brain dealt with fewer or less. [Maybe someone knows of a memorable saying to help remember this rule, if so, I’d love to hear it.]

Anyways, the rule as laid down by my mother was if you can count it, you use fewer. If you can’t count it, you use less.

There are fewer glasses of milk in the final photo than there were in the first photo.

Mary bought five fewer pencils this year than last year.

Frank drank fewer sodas after he began dieting.
In January, there were fewer people at the conference because of bad weather.

Did it rain less this year than last year?

The perfume has less of a floral scent and more of a spicy aroma.

Use less salt if you want to lower your blood pressure.

When I eat less sugar, then I have fewer headaches.

I hope that helps someone. If it does, Mama would be proud! And if you know of  grammar sayings, tell me! I can always use some help when it comes to remembering rules.