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Has your writing group faded into the nether? Did your face-to-face critique partner move away? If you’re like me, and are looking to hone your craft through honest, polite feedback, join me in the search to find your next writing buddy.

I have been on other ‘hook-up’ sites that cater mainly to YA authors, but I write for the adult reader. I am looking for a serious writer who will offer editing advice and honest, polite critiques of my manuscripts. In return, I will read, critique, and edit on a timely basis my partner’s writing.

So, perhaps we can help each other. If you’re interested in working with a critique partner, leave a comment below. It doesn’t have to be an interest in working WITH ME. This is meant for YOU to find your best match. If you think my style suits you, then,  great! If not, that’s okay, too!

If a poster reads your bio and believes it interesting and compatible with their writing/reading style, they can leave a reply to yours and/or contact you. Once you feel the match may be a good one, then agree to trade the first few chapters (up to 50 pages would be a good start) and critique them. Should that work out, you and your partner can continue trading chapters/manuscripts for editing. Hopefully, the match will continue to be beneficial beyond one manuscript.

It’s vital that you’re honest and polite. If the match is not suitable, then it is important you decline, politely, acknowledging it’s no fault of the other person. Sometimes writing styles don’t mesh with reading styles, and that’s okay. For a relationship to work, it needs to be compatible and honest.

If this interests you, post a few things about yourself in the comment section.

  1. Tell us the adult genre in which you write and the genre you prefer to read. Give us a blurb about the book you’re writing, and list a few of your favorite authors.
  2. Leave a way to contact you so if someone believes you’re a good match, they can get in touch.
  3. Don’t spam! I will be reading the comments, as I too am looking for a writing buddy. Comments doing self-promotion ONLY, with no intent of finding a partner, will be deleted. I expect writers to list their work, but not their work and nothing else.
  4. If you have specific preferences for a writing buddy, put it in your comment. Some authors will not read erotica. It’s best to be upfront as that will ensure a better fit. If you adore speculative fiction, say so. Give as much information as you are comfortable with.

Here’s to a mutually beneficial partnership!

P.S. If this is not something you’re interested in, but know others who might be interested, please share it.

I’ll get things started in the comment section.