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First off, I love Lynsay Sands as a writer. I read her paranormal romance and her historical fiction. She has great character development and wonderful dialogue. However, a few years ago, I put down her Argeneau series, sadly, as I read a few that didn’t measure up to her usual standard. So, when I downloaded One Lucky Vampire, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be the original Lynsay Sands style. Lucky for me, it was classic Sands.

Sands introduces the reader to Jake, who was also known as Stephano, before he had a tantrum and ran out on his family, after becoming immortal. Let’s just say, he had some issues with being turned. The matriarch, Marguerite Argeneau, who apparently looks spectacular for a 700 year old, invites Stephano…er, Jake, out for dinner to discuss an important matter. Marguerite is notorious for getting her family into complex situations and for playing matchmaker. Jake has been avoiding family for many decades, probably because he didn’t want to get involved in anything. So, it is with some reluctance that he agrees to meet her.

During dinner, Marguerite explains that she has a job for him to do. Jake works as a bodyguard and she is in need of his skills. She tells him a mortal, Nicole Phillips, is in danger but denies that anyone is trying to intentionally hurt her. Of course, Marguerite has a plan, she always has a plan. She wants Jake to work as Nicole’s cook and housekeeper. Needless to say, Jake is a bit taken aback by her ploy. He doesn’t cook. Yet, Marguerite has a way of getting what she wants and Jake soon relents.

In the meantime, Nicole is counting down the days until her divorce is final. Her soon-to-be ex-husband, Rodolfo, was a manipulative, gold-digging, mentally abusive, jerk! Nicole is a successful artist who keeps strange hours and finds little time to tend house. Reluctantly, she accepts Marguerite’s offer to find her in-house help – on a two week trial basis. When Marguerite arrives with Nicole’s new employee, Nicole is surprised but unnerved that her new housekeeper is a man – a gorgeous man.

Both Jake and Nicole are well-defined, well developed characters. Jake is newly turned and so he is adjusting to life as a vampire, and Nicole is a woman the reader can relate to. As in most of Sands’ novels, there is always a subplot running below the surface of the romance novel. It’s not overly predictable, which I found refreshing. Usually I can figure out ‘who dunnit’, but this one kept me guessing for quite a while.

The chemistry between Jake and Nicole is sizzling, and I wanted them to hurry up – get together! I loved the way Sands finally rolled out the love scene. It was like a passion bomb went off! I also enjoy her books because the old characters we have grown to love, make appearances, without taking over the story. And one of my favorite things about her books, besides her characters and great dialogue, is she doesn’t leave you hanging! Her books are good enough that she doesn’t need to string you along – forcing you to buy book two, three, four in order to get closure. When you read her book, you get a beginning, a middle, and an end.

This book brought me back to the Argeneua series. I loved the early books and became addicted to them. One Lucky Vampire has me jonesing for the next book. It encompassed everything I grew to love about her writing and this series. I hope she never grows tired of writing them