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I read a lot of paranormal romance books, and while many are predictable, some have enjoyable twists that just make the book unique. Roman Draganesti is an appealing male lead vampire. He is aloof, ancient, and bored, and while that is not unusual for a vampire romance novel, the trouble he gets himself into is. Shanna also is a likeable female lead, who is a strong, independent woman who finds herself caught between what initially appears to be one bad situation and definitely a worse situation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Roman’s answer to his tooth problem, and of course how he broke his tooth in the first place. And the neat twists Sparks adds to the vampire world is interesting. It is of course, sexy and hot. If you like paranormal romances, this is a good one. Not exceptional, but fun…and that is the point of most of these books – to be fun, enjoyable reads.