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Meet my Sims. Yes, that’s right. I’m an adult who plays Sims 3. I hang my head in shame, but then run to my computer when no one is looking. I really need to redo Kian’s Sim. It doesn’t look anything like how I envision  him.

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Jacob Slack

Laugh all you want, but it’s fun, and sometimes I need a total distraction. Plus, you can make up stories about your sims’ lives and then watch them live it out on screen.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of playing any of the Sims games, you might be amazed at how life-like these digital creatures are. They cry when someone they care for dies. Starve and die if they fail to eat. Woo-Hoo which is their version of hanky-panky, can end in blossoming relationships, unwanted pregnancies, disastrous affairs. If they eat too much, they get fat. If they work-out, they get in shape. If their spouse cheats on them, they can get angry, sad, depressed, or vindictive.

But if you’re not into watching digital humanoids live out their lives on screen, you can feed your creative hunger by building incredible structures from houses to malls, to apartment buildings, or townhouses. I am not a very good designer, but there are people at http://www.sims3.com who are simply outstanding!

Making your Sims is another way to inspire your muse. It’s pretty easy but again, I’m not an expert in this arena. I have seen some pretty awesome looking Sims that put mine to shame.

Anyways, this was just a little light self-deprecation and a diversion from my writing. I should be hard at work finishing book three! Bye!